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      The Anointed Bride: Discover the ancient truth about the meaning of Anointing and Anointing Oil

      Dive into the mystery of the Anointing and the Anointing Oil and unravel the mysteries that the Bible reveals about this ancient use. Search for the hidden treasures about the deep and profound meaning of the Anointing and discover a God Who longs to share His blessings, grace and favor with His children. In this powerful message the author will answer all the questions you’ve ever had about the use of Anointing Oil and the Anointing. The Anointing is the image of the Holy Spirit Who is on us and in us, as the replacement of Jesus Christ on earth. By learning more about the Anointing and the Anointing Oil we’re learning more about Who the Holy Spirit is, how He works and why He does the things that He does. The origin of the Anointing and the Anointing Oil is therefore not from this world but comes forth from the Anointed One Himself. 

      In this book the author will answer questions like:

      • Who is allowed to use Anointing Oil?
      • When can Anointing Oil be used?
      • What can Anointing Oil be used for?
      • What is the meaning of Anointing Oil?
      • What are the various types of natural Anointing?
      • What are the meanings of the fragrances?
      • Can the Exodus oil still be used?

      Does the Bible mention more about Anointing Oil, than just the Anointing of the sick, in James 5? Yes, it does. Not only did the author build this book upon the Word of God, he also gives you all the 345 Bible references – in 201 chapters – from both the Old and the New Testament.