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      LoveUnlimited Ministries is runned by Robin & Esther Prijs, along with many friends and volunteers during events such as conferences, seminars and theme-evenings.

      LoveUnlimited Ministries was unofficially founded in 2003 and officially in 2006 by Robin Prijs. It was founded as 'Jaweh Online Ministries', in 2009 it was renamed to 'Jaweh Ministries International' and in 2014 it was once again renamed to LoveUnlimited Ministries. Yes, without the space between Love and Unlimited. Robin is married with Esther, who is also a board member of the ministry.

      Robin Prijs
      Robin was born in the village of Genderen, in the south of The Netherlands. He was born and raised in a Christian family, as the son of a truck driver and a stay at home mom. In his teenage years he developed an above average interest in the occult, causing him to turn his back to the faith and to eventually give his life to satan, at the age of 17. A few years later he came at a point where he wanted to commit suicide. At that point he met some people who started to pray for him. Not long after that he finally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, but the battle was far from over. It was only just beginning.

      In 2000 he started his career as a helpdesk employee, after which he grew further to system administrator and junior technical network engineer. In 2005 he made a career switch to IT recruiter, which he continued to do for several years. He has organized several conferences, seminars and theme-evenings and is the author of several books. Read more about his life story in his book 'Never living a lie again'.

      Esther Prijs
      Esther was born in the village of Almkerk, also in the south of The Netherlands. She was also born and raised in a Christian family and surrendered her life to Jesus when she was 12 years old. She has been following Him ever since.

      She learned for and became a caregiver in a retirement home, which she did for seven years. At that point she decided to quit her job and to go back to school, where she managed to get a bachelor's degree in Social Work. As the wife of Robin, she has always supported him during all the events and has done a lot of work on the background. She too has authored a book, named 'Hope in the dark'.