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      The biggest testimony in regard to Jesus Christ were not the signs and miracles. It were the lives that had been changed. And I’m talking about real change. The sort of change that friends, family and everyone you know would notice. It is the testimony “Jesus changed my life”, while everyone is able to see and confirm it. God never changed. Jesus never changed. This still is the biggest testimony of all. It is huge. Change may not come in a day, but it will come as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Real change. Hearts that are completely surrendered to Jesus. Lives that are completely restored. That is what LoveUnlimited is about.

      Real change doesn’t come from our own efforts. If we want the same results that Jesus had, we have to move and act in the same Spirit. Therefore we choose to be completely depended on the Holy Spirit, in everything we do. It is only the Word of God, through the power of Jesus Christ and by His Holy Spirit, that has the power to bring the real change. The sort of change that lasts. Our own efforts will just bring religion. The Holy Spirit will bring real change, and because of that there is freedom.

      As darkness is increasing in the world like never before, we also see an increasing need among the people. Needs on all sorts of areas. To us that emphasizes how much we need God, especially in these days. As times are getting harder, naturally and spiritually, we see many people who fall back to old behaviors and some even turn their backs to Christianity. The main reasons for that are not understanding, pain, grief and disappointment.

      We, as LoveUnlimited, want to reach out to the lost, the broken, the hurt, the poor, the rejected and to those where everyone looks down on. Our heart goes out to the people who are considered as unimportant and unworthy by most of the Church and by society. Not just in a faraway country, but starting in our nation, in our own cities and in our own neighborhoods. For if it doesn’t start there, it has no value. If we only want to help those who are far away, we’re just keeping up appearances. Real change shows fruits. Real change wants to help the needy, regardless of their needs. Real change creates an environment of grace, with room for error. Real change stands with people, not above them. We turn the real change in action so that:

      • People can be reached with the message of the cross and salvation
      • People can experience the power of real change, through Jesus Christ
      • All the unloved can experience the love of Father God
      • All the rejected can experience the acceptance of Father God
      • All the broken can experience the restoration that Jesus Christ has made available
      • All the hurt can experience the comfort of the Holy Spirit
      • All spiritual wounded people can find a place where they receive care
      • All those who want to grow to spiritual maturity can find a place to actually grow
      • (New) believers can be equipped to become disciples of Jesus Christ
      We do so by:
      • Testifying about and leading people to Jesus Christ
      • Praying for the baptism in Spirit and in fire
      • Teaching people to become depended on the Holy Spirit
      • Just being there for people and by taking the time to listen
      • Not standing above people, but with them
      • Letting our love speak before our words and to make that practical.
      In order to reach people and to be available, we organize theme-evenings, seminars and conferences. But we also offer free teachings on our websites and our YouTube Channel. Our websites offer the possibility for people to send their prayer requests as well. This is the work we have done unofficially since 2003 and officially since 2006. For as long as the Lord allows us, we will continue to do so.