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      GOD Radio Top 33 met Robin Prijs

      Every Friday from 4 to 7 PM, tune in to GOD Radio, the renowned Dutch national radio station, to experience the beatutiful melodies of the brand new GOD Radio Top 33. This exclusive music chart stands as the official ranking for Christian music in the Netherlands, serving as a beacon of hope and a sanctuary for listeners. Join us on a soul-stirring journey, where the lyrics are uplifting, and the name of Jesus is glorified.

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      Rediscovering My Passion
      Flashback to 1994, when I was a mere 15-year-old, invited as a guest on a gospel program aired by the local radio station of the Municipality of Aalburg, in the Netherlands. Little did I know that this moment would mark the genesis of my lifelong love affair with radio. As fate would have it, during the show, the microphone found its way to me, urging me to announce some of the songs. From that instant, I became a part of the broadcasting family, eventually stepping up as one of the hosts. Several years down the line, I bid farewell to that cherished program, ready to embark on a new adventure at the same station. However, this time, my focus transcended gospel music.

      A Moment of Revelation
      Years of experience on the airwaves came to a halt last year, prompting a period of introspection. Throughout my tenure, I had played countless songs without truly delving into their lyrics. But when the realization struck me, the content I unknowingly broadcasted became a matter of concern. The inability to alter the playlist further intensified this predicament, leading me to make a difficult decision—to bid adieu to the show. The radio waves would no longer carry my voice, and this decision was not made lightly.

      Robin Prijs in de Regio8 studio

      A New Calling
      Yet, God had something extraordinary in store for me. A few months later, an incredible opportunity materialized—the chance to host a show on the prestigious Dutch national radio station, GOD Radio. This divine offer allowed me to return to my roots, bringing together my profound love for radio, Christian music, and unwavering faith. The path ahead remains uncertain, but I embrace the unknown, trusting that God will unveil His plan for me through this incredible journey.

      The GOD Radio Top 33 Experience
      Each episode of the GOD Radio Top 33 encapsulates the essence of Christian music. Tune in to the last episode on Mixcloud, where the uplifting melodies will captivate your soul. Immerse yourself in the best Christian music has to offer, with the specially curated Spotify playlist of the GOD Radio Top 33, featuring the most cherished tracks. Stay updated with the latest releases on GOD Radio through the dynamic Spotify playlist, a gateway to exploring new musical horizons. For an immersive audiovisual experience, head over to the GOD Radio YouTube playlist, where the Top 33 tracks are brought to life.

      Not a worship list
      Those who pay attention will notice that this is not a worship list. Instead, it is a music chart of the contemporary Christian music in The Netherlands. I am very aware of that. As many of you know, I am a lover of true worship in spirit and in truth. Therefore, rest assured that this will not remain to be the only list. We are also working on a special list for praise & worship.