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      The restoration of God's people - Robin Prijs

      The heart of God does not contain any desire for the destruction of any human being. His love for us has such depths and widths, that it cannot be measured. But it can be understood and grasped, as the Word clearly says in Ephesians 3. The beautiful heart of God has the desire for the salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration of man. That desire is expressed in everything He does for us, but especially in the enormous sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. His precious Son was despised and rejected by man, tortured and crucified for our iniquities. Through that sacrifice, His grace was released for us. Now we can be free from the grip of sin. Totally free. There is grace and forgiveness, rest for the weary and hope for the broken hearted. In this process of restoration, it is all about finding who we are. When our hearts are truly opened for God, the first thing we will notice is the carnal nature of our heart, and everything that lives in it. That revelation is far from pleasant, but it’s needed. First of all because it shows us the need to change, and secondly it reveals the true value of His grace to us. Once we know what exactly He has forgiven us, we will understand the value of His grace, and because of that we will be able to understand His love for us. We can try to change our ways, but we’ll never succeed in doing that, as long as the root of the problem is still intact. That root is our own heart. We all have the tendency to first make ourselves perfect and blameless, before we go into His presence. We want to offer Him a life that is pleasant to Him. But that is a logical error. It is not you who is able to change your heart. Only the Word of God can and will do that. You are already wanted and loved by your Creator. When the Bible speaks about repentance, it doesn’t speak about your attempts to try as hard as you can to stop committing sin. It speaks about changing the way you think. It speaks about aligning your thoughts with the Word of God. It is only the Word of God that has the power to change you from the inside out. That is the sort of change that will last and will lead you to the full restoration that He promised.